I was often asked to create infographics to accompany blog posts on ThredUP’s website. These blog posts were intended to be trendy and informational ways to get media attention.The infographics I created needed to convey complex concepts and data analysis while feeling very on brand to help with reach and advertising.


These infographics were used alongside blog posts on ThredUP's blog site, ThrEDIT

ThredUP Purge Surge: Heels

“Today ThredUP, the world’s largest thrift store, released their latest ‘Purge Surge’ study exploring how women’s attitude toward heels is shifting in today’s climate. ThredUP processes millions of items each month, translating into countless data points showing what’s going into and coming out of women’s closets.”

“Our data demonstrates
that athleisure is certainly
a prevailing trend as
women seek out
more casual, comfortable footwear”

— Erin Wallace,
ThredUP Brand Director

ThredUP Vanity Sizing

Nobody likes clothes that don’t fit.

Ill fitting clothes due to sizing differing between brands is a huge issue that ThredUP shoppers face when shopping on the site since they can’t try things on before buying. So the creative team decided to pool data to make a blog post that would help customers know if a brand runs big or small.

I worked with the Public Relations team and marketing to get all the numerical data that thredup has in their database, since they source clothing across brands and are measured in their distribution centers. Once this data was collected I turned it into into visual infographics to supplement their blog post.

Social Media

I created these social media assets to advertise, and draw attention and traffic to the blog post.

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