During my time at ThredUP I was responsible for designing many assets for the brand's social channels. I redesigned and kept on trend many of our posts, and header images, stories, gif stickers, hi-light icons and more.

Email Campaign

Email campaigns are a key way companies communicate with their consumers. I learned alot about designing with engagement in mind, knowing the importance of hierarchy and coloring to communicate effectively and dive engagement. I designed many emails and even created a redline template to help keep emails consistent. I learned alot about what it takes to code emails and how to create assets that make it simple for the engineers to use to create the vision I designed.


ThredUP has unique access to data on what people are selling and buying across many brands and styles. They often use that data to comment on and inform the public on trends and to help accompany that data I created infographics to make those stories more visually compelling and make the data more easily digestible.

About The Company

During my time at ThredUP I worked on all things visual. I took projects from start to finish, brainstorming concepts, pitching ideas, and designing high performing social media posts and assets. I loved working at ThredUP and designing with the purpose to end fast fashion.

May 2018 - August 2018
San Francisco, CA
Team Lead
Lauren Schaumann


Thred Up


Junior Designer

ThredUP is one of the world’s largest online thrift store and consignment shops, inspiring shoppers to think secondhand clothes first. Anyone can shop like-new used women’s clothes and kids’ clothes at up to 90% off estimated retail.


Design materials for social media and advertising and acquisition
Provide graphic design support for projects
including layout alterations, color corrections, resizing, and designing new projects based on existing creative or
established guidelines.
Create pitch presentations and mood boards for potential creative campaigns and design campaign-relevant graphics